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Spring is Here!!


Spring is here and we all know what that means…SPRING BREAK! Everyone has been counting down the days until Spring Break. Some of your friends might be going on exotic vacations with their families, but if you don’t have plans for Spring Break don’t worry we got you covered with some ideas that won’t break the bank!


Spring Break Ideas

  • Go on a hike – discover trails around your city
  • Be a tourist in your city – check out the local history of your city by going to a museum
  • Go on a road trip – grab your friends and hit the road!
  • Couch surf – binge watch a a tv show or movie that you haven’t had time to watch or read the book you’ve been waiting to pick up
  • Try new recipes
  • Check out new restaurants
  • Take a day trip to the city
  • Spring Clean – clean out your closet and donate clothes that you don’t wear anymore or are out of style


If you have secured your spot in our community for this Fall make sure to call our office as soon as possible! Spots are becoming limited!

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